1 a harbour.
2 a place of refuge.
3 a town or place possessing a harbour, esp. one where customs officers are stationed.
Phrases and idioms:
port of call a place where a ship or a person stops on a journey. Port of London Authority the corporate body controlling the London harbour and docks.
Etymology: OE f. L portus & ME prob. f. OF f. L portus
n. (in full port wine) a strong, sweet, dark-red (occas. brown or white) fortified wine of Portugal.
Etymology: shortened form of Oporto, city in Portugal from which port is shipped
n. & v.
—n. the left-hand side (looking forward) of a ship, boat, or aircraft (cf. STARBOARD).
—v.tr. (also absol.) turn (the helm) to port.
Phrases and idioms:
port tack see TACK(1) 4. port watch see WATCH n. 3b.
Etymology: prob. orig. the side turned towards PORT(1)
1 a an opening in the side of a ship for entrance, loading, etc. b a porthole.
2 an aperture for the passage of steam, water, etc.
3 Electr. a socket or aperture in an electronic circuit, esp. in a computer network, where connections can be made with peripheral equipment.
4 an aperture in a wall etc. for a gun to be fired through.
5 esp. Sc. a gate or gateway, esp. of a walled town.
Etymology: ME & OF porte f. L porta
v. & n.
—v.tr. Mil. carry (a rifle, or other weapon) diagonally across and close to the body with the barrel etc. near the left shoulder (esp. port arms!).
1 Mil. this position.
2 external deportment; carriage; bearing.
Etymology: ME f. OF port ult. f. L portare carry
n. Austral.
1 a suitcase or travelling bag.
2 a shopping bag, sugar bag, etc.
Etymology: abbr. of PORTMANTEAU

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